John Dory

John-DoryJOHN DORY a.k.a. St Peters fish

John Dory is well known as one of Australia's finest eating fish. Although these fish have limited fighting ability, their taste alone is worth the effort.

Physical Description: John Dory have flat and thin, dull olive- grey bodies with prominent black spots on the side. They have no scales and a large telescopic mouth.

Size: John Dory are usually caught between 500g and 2.5kg.

Habitat: John Dory occupy inshore and offshore waters and estuaries. They prefer deep, clear waters that are usually well-known bait grounds. In offshore waters they can be found at wreck sites. John Dory favour high tide and slack tide and a slight breeze.

Hint! Best time of the year to catch John Dory is spring and summer.

How to Catch:
Bait - John Dory will accept baits of small live yellowtail, mullet, peeled prawns, strips of slimy Mackerel, pilchards and octopus.
Rod and Reel - Light gear is all you need to catch these delicious fish.
Line and Tackle - Try using a 3-8kg main line and 2/0 to 4/0 hooks. Also use a small bean sinker.

Hint! John Dory are slow moving so light tackle is essential.

Hot Spots: John Dory can be found from southern Queensland to southern Western Australia. Some excellent places to catch John Dory are: Sydney Harbour, New South Wales Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.


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