Fishing Darwin
Barramundi Build up Sep to Dec   Best time to fish flats and harbor arms small minnow style lures work drains on falling tide and the flats as well, Rapala floating XRaps, Bolt tasers and the small Bombers all work well at this time of year.
 The big rivers will also start to fire up troll larger deep lures over the rock bars in the Daly for the big Girls .
Barramundi Wet season Dec to Feb  Early in the wet can be a tough time for fishing  rivers are running with dirty water and all the fish are pushing as for upstream as they can, but as the rain backs off grab a bag of soft plastics and small poppers and fish the road side drains and culverts on the Arnhem highway. Watch for crocs
Barramundi Run-off
Boom time for the barra fisher the flood planes are draining and fish are stacked 10 deep at the feeder creeks looking for an easy feed fish the run offs with soft plastics and hard bodies.  Try trolling the large lures like the Strada Terror 180 at the mouths of sampan and Tommy cut creeks on the incoming tide.
Snapper Most of the year
There are several “snapper” species that are targeted by fishos in the top end the most common is the Golden snapper or finger mark and the tricky snapper or Grassy sweet lip. Both are great table fish and can be caught close to Darwin  Try the middle arm rock bars with fresh squid baits on the tide change for a feed of pan sized goldies . The reefs around Dundee Beach are excellent snapper grounds fish baits on a paternoster rig over rubble bottom for a mixed bag Try a 7 inch gulp on a 1.5 to 2oz jig head and drift for some added excitement.
Mackerel Dry Season
Trolling large lures over local hot spots like the “Bottle washer” and Fenton Patches will produce Spaniards and greys. A small red fish or flag rigged under a float will tempt the fussiest Mackie don’t forget the wire. A small red fish or flag rigged under a float will tempt the fussiest Mackie don’t forget the wire.




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