About Tackleworld

about-tackleworldTo give you an idea of how we operate, here's an insight. All Tackle World stores are a co operative, each of our stores throughout Australia are family owned and operated by fishermen and women who have just as much passion for fishing as you. With 51 stores located in every state and territory in Australia we can cater to the needs of the first time angler through to your pro charter. Not only do we have the largest geographical spread of stores across the nation, we also have the buying power of our 51 stores as a group which is passed onto our valuable customers.

Each store's product knowledge and the individual needs of their local fishing region is what sets us apart. It makes your local Tackle World store the number 1 choice for local knowledge, advice and the best price. Many of our store owners and managers travel throughout Australia and internationally indulging in their passion for a great catch. So if you're heading to an unfamiliar region, your local store should still be able to advise you on the best gear to make the most of your experience.

As the major sponsor of Australia's leading fishing program IFISH, we're achieving something very important to us, reaching out to as many anglers and would be anglers as possible. IFISH represents all of us that love to wet a line, getting out on the ocean, river, jetty, bank, rocks and braving the elements to reel in our chosen species. There's no age limit, you don't have to spend the big bucks to get amongst it, you can revel in what our glorious country has to offer and most importantly create amazing memories. Fishing is our way of life and we hope IFISH inspires you to get out and throw a line in like it does for us.

We keep telling everyone....Everyday's a good day for fishing!


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