Australian Bushfires

Our thoughts are with our communities affected by the devastating bushfires

As we are all aware, this is no ordinary start to the new decade. It has been a tumultuous few months for all Australians as we continue to watch the devastating effect of bushfires on our landscape and wildlife on such a widespread scale. It’s been heart-breaking to see families, communities and wildlife so badly impacted.

Our deep gratitude and respect goes out to all the brave firefighters and emergency services who have worked so hard to protect communities, families and properties. Our hearts and prayers go to the families who have suffered greatly.

The response from the Government locally as well as overseas as well as the individual contributions and donations from Australians has been truly amazing. This sort of response is required to provide hope and support to the families and communities affected most by this crisis.

Individual Tackle World Members in NSW and Victoria have been the first to respond and stores have worked with authorities and their communities to deliver much needed items to relief centres.


Image via Instagram @alanaferg_ @FergosTackleWorld

In addition, Tackle World Australia has opened up a dialogue with AFTA (Australian Fishing Trade Association) this week to look into industry-wide initiatives to provide support and contribute to the fundraising appeals.

We also have numerous stores and their communities that have been severely affected. Whilst the fires rage on in these areas, the medium to long term impact on these communities will be significant and it is imperative we look at fund-raising initiatives to provide support to these communities. These initiatives are being reviewed as we speak.

The Tackle World family has a proud history of helping each other and their communities and we will be calling on our members across Australia to continue their support as well as find additional meaningful ways to contribute.

In the meantime, we are aware of a range of fundraising appeals that exist and encourage Members of the public to contribute to the following recognised charity partners.

If you have been affected by the bushfires and need support, please reach out to Lifeline. Support is available 24/7 on 13 11 14, or nightly via Lifeline Text. Lifeline Text is available 6pm – midnight (AEDT) on 0477 13 11 14.  You are not alone. Bushfire Relief tool kits are also available at


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