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Discover the PLANO Edge and Z Series Ranges

Keep your tackle organised and protected with PLANO’s luggage and tackle range. PLANO has been a trusted name in fishing gear storage for years, and they’ve got some epic tackle storage options for Aussie fishos. PLANO Edge Series:     The PLANO Edge Series boxes are like the Swiss Army knives of tackle storage solutions. […]

All New Shimano 23 Stradic FM

We’re excited to announce that the Shimano Stradic will be hitting shelves at Tackle World stores around the country very soon! The newly introduced Shimano 23 Stradic FM continues to uphold Shimano’s renowned reputation for reliability and versatility within their CoreSolid spinning reel lineup. This latest addition inherits cutting-edge reel technologies from Shimano’s flagship model […]

Unleash the Power of Precision Angling with The Shimano’s Curado

Introducing Shimano’s best reel yet, The Shimano Curado – Available at Tackle World stores.



Shimano has once again set the bar high in the world of fishing reels, seamlessly combining top-tier quality, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional durability in their latest creation, the Curado 200M. Whether you’re a freshwater enthusiast or a salty wave chaser, the Curado is ready to take on any angling challenge, and it’s packed with features that guarantee outstanding performance in any situation.

Precision Redefined: MGL Spool III Pinion O Ring, SVS Infinity, and Micromodule Gear

At the heart of the Curado 200M lies a trio of innovative features: the advanced MGL Spool III Pinion O Ring, SVS Infinity, and Micromodule Gear. This dynamic combination translates into lightning-fast response, spot-on casting accuracy, and a balanced feel that transforms each cast into a precision art form. The gears move as smoothly as silk and are as quiet as a whisper, enhancing your fishing experience by letting you savor the tranquility of the water, all the while knowing you’re holding a quality baitcaster in your hands.

Versatility at Your Fingertips: Dual Gear Ratios

Versatility is the name of the game with the Curado 200M, offering two gear ratios: 6.2 and 7.4. Whether you’re in pursuit of speed or power, Shimano has got you covered. These gear ratios are like having a toolbox full of tricks, providing you with the flexibility to fish your way, adjusting to the demands of the moment without missing a beat.

Built to Last: Hagane Body and Micromodule Gearing

Durability is a non-negotiable factor when it comes to fishing reels, and the Curado 200M doesn’t disappoint. It features Shimano’s rugged Hagane Body, designed to withstand the most intense fishing sessions. The Micromodule gearing ensures not only efficiency but also long-lasting durability. Additionally, the special pinion gear, breakwater wall, and drainage port work together to keep water and corrosion at bay, making the Curado 200M a perfect companion for saltwater adventures that demand reliability.


Ready to take your angling to the next level with the Curado? Find a store near you and experience the power of precision angling for yourself!

AFTA People’s Choice Awards 2023-24

Wow, what an epic week at the 2023 AFTA Tackle Show. From August 3rd to the 5th, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomed thousands of anglers looking to discover the latest fishing gear and tackle from leading brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, PENN, Nomad, Wilson, Ocean’s Legacy and more. AFTA People’s Choice Awards […]

2023 AFTA Tackle Show Wrap Up: Best Fishing Gear of 2023

What an incredible week it has been, fellow fishos! We’re still riding high on the waves of excitement from the recent 2023 AFTA Tackle Show, held at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 3-5. It was an absolute blast, bringing together anglers from all corners to celebrate our shared passion for fishing and […]

Secrets to Catch Mangrove Jack in Australia

(Author: Derek Maynard – Tackle World Tully) Mangrove Jack are one of the most popular sportfish in Australia. They are hard fighters and put up a great battle, making them a favourite amongst anglers. Catching Mangrove Jack can be challenging but with the right techniques it is possible to land these fish almost every time. […]

Flathead Fishing Guide

Where to catch Flathead? Flathead can be found right around Australia though the species of flathead may vary. The basic information below can be used for all flathead. Flathead will lay on the bottom and watch the bait fish above them on the edge of rocky or weedy areas Weedy bottom – the sandy patches […]