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Boat Traffic Blues

CELEBRATING AUSTRALIA DAY Noosa River over the Australia Day long weekend almost had as much boat traffic as Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve. The old adage that you won’t catch a fish with that much chaos was busted by Farrell Smith. Farrell caught these fat girls near the Frying Pan, a popular stretch in […]

Bone Lures – Beginning of Never Ending

DASH 90S 90mm 33g Sinking Pencil Vibe         The Dash 90S is a dual function bait; attaching your line on the front eyelet makes the DASH 90S a sinking pencil. It has a side-to-side wobble on a straight retrieve and darting action when the rod is jerked and an enticing slow flutter when […]

The Strada Lure Range has Gone Pro

All the favourites are back with some added and improved colours! STRADA PRO TERA What we’ve all been waiting for! The one lure that won’t let you down on that fish of a life time. 1 piece wire construction, weighted casting system, great all round lure from big Barra to big threadys. The lures have […]


All Hail the Fighting Whiting

by Rory Gibson The summer warmth is here. School holidays stretch out before us. That means one thing. Whiting! What an awesome fish. Where would we be without them? So many fishing devotees have caught the angling bug by catching whiting when they were kids. The little silver battler should be a life member of […]


What’s in the Tackle Box?

by Rory Gibson I tell this story a fair bit, especially to budding young fishos who are full of enthusiasm but a bit light on for strategy. The first time I went fishing for Barramundi I caught one with my very first cast. No, I’m being fair dinkum. Then I caught another with my third […]


The Art of Observation

It seems to me that all the consistent anglers – those that regularly catch fish – have one major thing in common. They are observant and swiftly take action on conclusions they have made from what they have seen. I was out fishing with a mate just last week. It was a great morning, nice […]