Boat Traffic Blues


Farrell Smith with 85cm Flathead on live bait.

Noosa River over the Australia Day long weekend almost had as much boat traffic as Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve.

The old adage that you won’t catch a fish with that much chaos was busted by Farrell Smith. Farrell caught these fat girls near the Frying Pan, a popular stretch in the Noosa River. He fished both Saturday and Sunday with live bait. It just goes to show that fish need to eat even in a washing machine…

Saturday’s flatty was 95mm and built like a Sherman tank. Sunday’s girl was 85mm. Farrell is a man mountain, so he dwarfs the fish a bit.

His boat also pinned a few Jacks on livies as well.

It’s hard work chasing livies, but it certainly pays off on the tricky days… and it can for you too.

Neil Young

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