Buku Top Water Lures

Buku Top Water Lures

Meet the Buku Top Water Lure Range available from Tackle World stores.

The Buku wooden poppers and stickbaits are superbly handcrafted, fully wired from front to back with high-performance swivels and quality finish.

The stickbait ranges are designed to be versatile through the water column. The popper ranges are designed for long casting and retrieving with less effort. 

Suitable for GT, most tropical reef species, dogtooth tuna, tuna, kingfish and mackerel.

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Fast Sink

Fast Sink P stickbait is a long cast type, fast sinking, all type retrieve, perfect for all kinds of predatory fish and all areas.

Slow Sink Stick Baits

Slow Sink H and Slow Sink U are slow sinking as their name states, and able to slow retrieve or fast retrieve, designed to work in shallow water.

Pop P & POP H

Pop P and Pop H are designed for long casting and all-day retrieving. Due to their slim body design, they are perfect for long casting and have the ability to both slow and fast retrieve with constant timing. They are perfect for all kinds of predatory fish.

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