NEW Fluidcast Camo Line

Dogtooth Fluidcast Camo – at last a line for the freshwater!

Introducing Dogtooth Fluidcast CAMO line, a line uniquely patterned for discoloured water and freshwater fishing, increasing its effectiveness on wary fish. This is a must-have line in freshwater for Barramundi, Bass, Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Saratoga.  In estuarine waters, this line is deadly on Mangrove Jack, Estuary Cod, Tarpon and fussy Bream.

Why is this line so good? FluidCast™ is an 8 carrier braid produced through the HS manufacturing process with continuous premium quality yarns in High Stitches. This results in toughness, thinness, higher stability and longer life.  It is designed for superior knot strength, sensitivity and outstanding casting properties. The Teflon coating prevents wear, creating a smoother line that casts further and lasts longer; it stops water soaking in to keep the line at its maximum performance level for longer.

Now available in Hi-Vis colours and Lo Vis Camo, making it the perfect line for the style of fishing you love to do.

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