How a well bent piece of wire helps me catch more fish


A well bent piece of wire helps me catch more fish per session than ever before.

Every time I fish what I believe to be a very fishy spot – structure, current, shade, overhangs etc. – I cast up to 4 different styles of lures. I am not an over achiever and most people who know me would tell you that I can be a bit lazy when it comes to fishing.

I have learned through experience that just because my first couple of casts come back untouched, it doesn’t mean that there are no hungry fish present. it may mean that my lure isn’t fishing the right depth, or is the wrong size or colour for the day.

Let’s face it, I am lazy and the thought of tying and re-tying knots every 5 minutes is not appealing. Add to this the fact that it starts to chew up my perfect length of leader, so eventually I’ll have to replace that and tie a new connection knot to my braided line. Blow that! I will do it up to a certain point, but what ended up happening in the past is that I just fished with whatever was tied on the end of my line – even if it wasn’t working! Sound familiar, or know people like me?

Check out this video on how quick lure changes can be!