NEW Jackson G-Controlling Lure

Jackson G Controlling Lure
All-New Jackson Lures G-Controlling

Jackson’s original G-Control series is world renowned for is high-speed ab1l1ty and tight fish catching action so the larger G-Controlling model was a natural progression from the current sizesThe G-Controlling 180mm has all the features and attributes of the smaller 28 and 40 gram models. It has been purpose designed for high speed trolling for large pelagic species.

The G-Controlling secondary bib adds stability at speed and when trolled in turbulent waters. It has a diving depth of between 1 and 2 metres. Its hardware and wire construction have also been purpose designed for larger species. It has proven itself in testing time and time again.

Jackson Lures G-Controlling Bluewater lure

Size: 180mm
Weight: 75g
Type: Floating
Hook: #2/0
RRP: $39.99 8 Colours

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