Fishing Goulburn
Trout All year round ( rivers & streams closed between June & October long weekends ) BAIT  Powerbait, Scrub worms, Mudeyes, Bardi grubs & maggots  LURES  Tassie devils, Celtas, Eco Gear mx48 trout, Strada Alfe 50mm, Berkley gulp 3in minnows, Squidgy fish trout patterns & Fly's Fish early morning and late evening, Look for rising fish when using lures & Fly's. Try running baits under a float and vary the depth of the drop. Trout dislike erratic actions on lures so try to keep your retrieves consistent.
Golden Perch  ( Yellow Belly ) All year round but best from Sept to March BAITS  Yabbies, worms, shrimp & Bardi grubs  LURES  Strada feral & ambush, Oargee plows, peewee & weepee, Ac invaders in 60mm, Bassman spinnerbaits & Jackal 50-70mm vibes As the water warms in spring they tend to move into shallow water using a stealth approach making long casts with small lures or spinnerbaits with slow retrieves. When bait fishing they are very touchy on weight so use as little as you can get away with and a light drag setting will help your cause.
Murray Cod Most of the year ( closed season between September & December) BAITS  Yabbies, worms & Bardi grubs  LURES  Strada hostile, ambush & vanquish, Ac invaders in 60-150mm, Oargee plows 70-120mm, Midgets & Bushman spinnerbaits When casting lures at structure be sure to work every side of the snag and look for snags that have been in the waterway the longest. If trolling you want to be slower than walking pace, As a general rule if you catch a fish off a snag theres a good chance of another similar size on the same snag.
Australian Bass October till April BAIT  Worms, yabbies & cicadas  LURES  Instinct blades & poppers, Bassman spinnerbaits, Jackal chubbies & Strada Alfe 50mm Bass dislike the sun fishing early morning and late evening will bring the best action, Casting at snags, weed beds over hanging trees are all very likely spots. The best tip when casting let lure sit on the water for a few seconds while ripples disperse and then twitch the lure a few times before retrieve this often brings a very dramatic response.
English Perch  ( Red Fin ) All year round
BAIT Worms & yabbies LURES Instinct poppers & blades, Stiffy minnows, Instinct humpy & midget, Celtas, Squidgy wrigglers in 50-60mm
Red fin are aggressive and will attack most actions but don’t retrieve to quickly a nice twitch and retrieve will give the best response. Once catching a fish stay in that area as they are generally in tight schools. When bait fishing use a heaver sinker and jig it slowly creating a little action on the bottom.




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