Fishing Moruya
Australian Bass & Estuary Perch  November to April

Strada Quika diving and Piccola slow sinking lures. Instinct surface popper 50mm.

Best bet for soft plastics include Squidgy bugs & wrigglers.

Early morning or late afternoons in the evening.  Fish lures into snags or around weed edges.  Keep an eye open for white ants flying in the build-up to an afternoon storm.

Whiting  November to March (most prolific) Slower in Winter

Surface lures in the summer months, such as Instinct poppers 50mm, surface walkers such as Berkley scum dogs.

Live beach worms, blood worms, squirties and nippers.

More active during the day on a rising tide.  Fish the sand flats on the high tide - keep an eye out for good nipper hole spots.  If using a surface lure be sure to keep it active for the fish to strike.

Bream All year round.  Slower in Winter

Surface lures in the summer months.  Diving lures like the Strada Piccola, blades or vibes. 

Live nippers, beach and squirt worms.

 Fish as light as possible as they are pretty wary of what is going on.  Use a long light leader like 6lb Nitlon DFC.  Hit the snags and oyster leases with a diving lure.

Flathead October to May

All forms of soft plastics, surface and diving lures like the Strada Pieta.

Live poddy mullet and freshly pumped nippers.

Fish the edges of the sand flats and weed beds during the dropping tide as they wait for the bait fish to come to them. Throw a popper up into the shallow water and slowly pop it back over the drop Off. In deeper water try soft Plastics and live poddies.

For full details of all species that can be caught in the Moruya area contact Tackle World Moruya on 02 44744381 or visit our store website for weekly fishing reports.



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