Snag Busting with Shinto Pro Worm Hooks

Snag Busting with Shinto Pro Worm Hooks

Our all new range of Shinto Pro worm hooks can help you fish better. It’s often been said that if you are not getting snagged, then you are not fishing where the fish are.

That’s often true but wouldn’t it be wonderful, just for once, to fish the structure where the fish are holding and NOT get caught up?

The all new extra strong worm hooks from Shinto Pro are our #1 choice for fishing in tricky country. With a wide range of sizes from #2 through to #5/0, these extra strong super sharp hooks rigged with your choice of soft plastic will get right into that tiger country and have the strength to pull the fish back out!

The advantages of Worm Hooks are
– you can fish weedless
– you can rig your plastics snag resistant
– your plastics are unweighted for longer and present more naturally in the strike zone
– they give you confidence to cast into places where you fear to loose an expensive treble armed lure

The correct size for your worm hook is determined by the SIZE and the ACTION of your soft plastic lure. For example some long, thin plastics work better with a relatively smaller hook to bring out the best in the plastics tail action. Your local Tackle World staff have all the information you need on rigging your plastics weedless with worm hooks and are happy to show you how in-store.

Fish where the fish are, and catch more fish with Shinto extra strong worm hooks.

Fishing in Tiger Country Snag Tip   Shinto Pro extra strong worm hooks lined up against white

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