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Pat's Tackle World Gladstone

Locally-owned Pat’s Tackle World Gladstone has been Gladstone’s largest and leading provider of fishing, tackle, and selected marine products and services to local recreational and commercial fishermen for the last 45 years. The needs of our customers are incredibly important to us and critical to our success and sustainability. Over this period the business has built deep relationships with a number of suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

Our staff are passionate, experienced, and part of the regions' fishing community. Along with our customers, they are the heart and soul of the shop.

Importantly, through thousands of hours with customers and other fishermen, they have learned not only what works for them but what works for other people. They know just how diverse experiences, skills, and opinions can be in the fishing and boating community. They are just as excited to help somebody who is getting started as they are with someone who is truly expert.

Behind the scenes, they work hard with suppliers to get the best prices, source the best products, and provide the best warranty service for when things go a bit wrong.