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The Tackle World crew are a bunch of ripper individuals you can trust, scattered across Australia. They’re all about fishing and they’re not your typical experts – they’re just like you and me, with regular jobs and a passionate love for wetting a line. This crew have seen and done it all. Approach our team to have a chat about some absolute cracking fishing adventures and get professional, tried and tested recommendations at the same time. If you’re after expert advice on fishing in Australia, you better believe these are the folks you’ll want to see!

Tackle World Busselton

Geographe Camping and Tackle World

Mat Higgins, our seasoned angler and camping guru at Geographe Camping & Tackle World With a whopping 9 years of reel-life experience, Mat is your ultimate wingman for fishing adventures. He’s got a knack for slinging topwater lures and chasing squid like a pro. He’s landed some jaw-dropping catches, including a whopping 72cm Tailor off the Busselton Jetty and a massive 99cm (15kg) WA Dhu Fish.

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Zane's Tackle World Busselton

Zane is an outdoor enthusiast who loves nothing more than spearfishing, fishing, hunting, camping, squid jigging and topwater fishing. He's been fishing for as long as he can remember and is an expert at targeting freshwater trout and redfin. On his time off, you'll find him relaxing with a fishing rod in hand, ready to refresh and rejuvenate. Spring is his favourite season for fishing as it's ideal for catching squid and King George whiting. His favourite fishing trip was to Tamala Station and Shark Bay, and his best catch to date is a 50cm+ redfin. Stop by Tackle World Busselton and pick Zane's brain for tips on your next fishing adventure!

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Nigel's Tackle World Busselton

Nigel has been running the store for the last 19 years and dedicates his time and skills to building the business. But when he's not working, Nigel's favourite thing is getting out on the water for a fish. He enjoys camping, fishing, and Squid Jigging, and his local fishery offers everything from Dhufish and Salmon to Crabs and Squid. Nigel's an expert when it comes to targeting Whiting, Demersals and Squid and has a wealth of knowledge on the local catchment.

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Tackle World Hervey Bay

Dane's Tackle World Hervey Bay

Dane Radosevic is the owner and manager of Fisho's Tackle World Hervey Bay. With 7 years of ownership under his belt, Dane's obsession with fishing makes his job a dream come true.

Dane's hobbies and specialties include fishing (topwater, fly, game & squidding), spearfishing, camping and prawning - just to name a few! As a tournament angler for 7 years, he even won the BASS Angler of the Year in 2015!

Hervey Bay holds a special place in Dane's heart, offering a 12-month revolving fishery with an abundance of species to target. From whiting, bream, and flathead to barramundi, billfish, and snapper, it truly is an anglers playground.

With over a decade in the industry, Dane has honed his skills and loves sharing his knowledge with customers. If you're planning a fishing trip to Hervey Bay or live in the area drop in and say g'day to Dane - he'll get you sorted for your next trip!

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Jackson's Tackle World Hervey Bay

Jackson Ford is one of the skilled in-store experts at Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay with 10+ years of fishing experience. Known as the in-store "Flathead Fanatic" he’s passionate about helping the fishing community with new ideas using the techniques he’s learnt from countless hours spent on the water. From Barra to Tuna, he's done it all.

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Jayson's Tackle World Hervey Bay

With over 15 years of experience at the store and 24 years in total in the fishing industry, Jason is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing in the diverse Hervey Bay fishery. From Barra and Jacks in the estuaries to marlin and tuna in the pelagic scene, Jason and his team at Fisho's Tackle World have the gear and the know-how to help you reel in your next big catch. Swing by Fisho's Tackle World to chat with Jason and get the right gear for your next fishing adventure, and while you're there, don't forget to ask him about his specialty, reel repairs!

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Bane's Tackle World Hervey Bay

Being based in the perfect spot, the Hervey Bay Fishery brings new fish to target each season as the North and South species clash. From coral trout to marlin, and from mud crabs to prawns, Barney and his team at Fisho's Tackle World have the gear and the know-how to help you reel in your next big catch. Swing by Fisho's Tackle World for all your fishing needs and to pick Barney's brain about the best spots and techniques for targeting your favourite species!

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Dylan's Tackle World Hervey Bay

With 15 years of experience fishing in the creek systems of Hervey Bay and flats off Fraser Island, Dylan is the go-to for all your Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, and Fingermark needs. He also specializes in targeting Golden Trevally, Queenfish, and Tuna.

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Logan's Tackle World Hervey Bay

With a passion for fishing, hunting, camping, 4WD, and topwater, Logan has been in the industry for 3 years (but fishing since he was 3!) and is dedicated to helping customers gear up with the best kit to catch the fish of a lifetime. The local fishery in Hervey Bay offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities from world-class game fishing to catching Whiting, Bream, and Flathead. Logan specializes in targeting Threadfin Salmon, Barra and quality table fish on a variety of plastics, jigs and soft vibes. Visit Fisho's Tackle World in Hervey Bay and let Logan help you gear up for your next fishing adventure!

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Tackle World Townsville

Glen's Tackle World Townsville

Glen is one of the incredible spearfishing enthusiasts you might bump into at Tackle World Townsville! He's an experienced diver who embarked on his spearfishing journey close to ten years ago in Sydney. Since then, he has explored the stunning waters along the east coast of Australia, diving in various locations throughout his travels. In early 2020, he made the move to Townsville to pursue his passion for Marine Biology at JCU.

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Ethan's Tackle World Townsville

With a passion for trying out new tackle and techniques, Ethan loves to experiment with different strategies and push his limits to catch new species. He's also a big fan of the technical side of the tackle industry and can often be found tinkering with reels and testing lure actions in his workshop fish tank. When it comes to his favourite species, Ethan can't go past the humble flathead for their hard fight on light tackle and delicious taste. If you're after any technical information about tackle products, be sure to visit Ethan at Tackle World Townsville and pick his brain about his years of experience in the fishing world.

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Zac's Tackle World Townsville

Zac's a huge fan of spearfishing in the Great Barrier Reef. He gets a real kick out of chasing after his next meal with the amazing scenery all around him. Plus, he's got some awesome footage of his adventures that you should definitely check out on his Instagram page,@zachary.schmidtt. If you're into spearfishing, Zac's your man at Tackle World Townsville. He's got everything you need, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

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Tammy's Tackle World Townsville

Since moving to Townsville in April 2021, she's had the pleasure of landing many different species that the Great Barrier Reef offers, including her favourite, the Giant Trevally. After many topwater GT's, Tammy has now concentrated her efforts into jigging with great success. There's nothing like the excitement of pinpointing fish on the sounder, dropping a jig down, hooking up straight away, and going through the fight of your life to keep those prized fish away from the tax man.

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Glen's Tackle World Townsville

With 14 years of professional experience as a lure and fly fishing guide, he knows the ins and outs of the water. Rob has guided anglers from all over the world onto some of Australia's most sought-after sports fish, from Barra to the elusive Permit. He may not get out on the water as much as he used to, but he's been focusing on the fantastic bluewater offerings in this region. From wreck bashing to jigging the shelf, and throwing poppers at GTs to marlin fishing, Rob has done it all. Come and visit him at Tackle World Townsville, where he loves to share his knowledge and expertise with customers!

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Renee's Tackle World Townsville

Fishing is second nature to Renee, and you'll often find her far out at sea, bottom-bouncing for big reds or trolling for black marlin. Even on windy days, she'll be in the local creeks or up the Hinchinbrook Channel casting lures in search of mighty Barramundi. For Renee, there's nothing like the feeling of a loaded rod, tight line and the sound of her drag. Drop into Tackle World Townsville today, and get kitted out with the perfect gear for your next fishing adventure thanks to your Local Independent Fishing Experts!

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Danny's Tackle World Townsville

Danny is the owner and manager of Tackle World Townsville, and has been at the helm for almost 20 years! With a lifetime of fishing experience, he's a master of casting poppers and stick baits over the flats. You just never know what you're going to get! In his younger days, he loved GT fishing on the surface, but now he prefers a more relaxed approach. He enjoys casting lures for Barra and Jacks and doing some bait fishing for his favourite table fish, the Grunter/Javelin Fish.

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Tackle World Gold Coast

Doug Burt's Tackle World Gold Coast

Meet Doug Burt 🎣, the man behind @dougburtstackleworldgoldcoast. For three decades, he's been dedicated to the angling community, delivering top-notch service and sharing his vast fishing knowledge. What really gets him going? Seeing families come together for outdoor adventures.

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Tackle World Shepparton

The man with a passion for fishing and hunting

As a Tackle World Board Member and the eCom Manager at Tackle World Shepparton @trellysoutdoor for over 10 years, Ross is always on his toes in the frequently changing digital space that connects anglers and hunters to each other and their knowledge. His expertise lies in topwater fishing for Murray Cod, which can be found in the many waterways in the Shepparton area, including the Goulburn River, Murray River, Lake Eildon, and smaller creeks. If you're looking to catch the elusive Murray Cod, Ross and his team are the ones to ask!

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Tackle World Merimbula

Ron's Tackle World Merimbula

With a passion for fishing, topwater, gamefishing, squid fishing, and prawning, Ron is an expert in all things fishing. He loves helping families have a great fishing experience and is ready to advise, help and guide them. His store is located in Merimbula, New South Wales and the local estuary system is home to various species like Flathead, Bream, Trevally, Whiting, Tailor, Kingfish and Jewfish. If you're looking for tips and advice on estuary fishing, his right-hand man Stuart is the one to talk to. With years of experience in both deep sea and estuary charters, they're sure to have some great advice.

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Tackle World Broome

Sebastian's Tackle World Broome

Sebastian Keating is the fishing expert at Tackle World Broome. Sebastian loves nothing more than helping out customers and sharing his passion for fishing. When he's not at the store, you can find him camping and 4WDing in the beautiful Kimberley region. Sebastian's favourite season is the dry season when the easterly wind blows and he can get out on the reef to target Bluebone and Coral Trout. But he's not just an expert at reef fishing - he's also a pro at chasing barramundi and too.

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Steve's Tackle World Broome

Meet Steve Chambers, the owner of Tackle World Broome and fishing veteran.

For 32 years, Steve has been guiding anglers to their dream catches and making Tackle World Broome THE spot for fishing enthusiasts looking for advice on the best spots to wet a line!

Steve specialises in minnow and surface casting for Barra and Jacks. His love for remote creek systems and offshore adventures during the magical winter days in the dry season is unmatched.

With years of experience and a bucket list that keeps growing, Steve is not only an owner; he's a fisho that simply loves what he does. Join him in-store for a chat about your upcoming fishing adventure today!

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Gino's Tackle World Broome

Gino Chambers has been working at Tackle World Broome ever since he could reach the register! Today, he now manages the entire store and has become a valuable asset to the community, his passion for fishing is the heartbeat of our Tackle World family.

As the Store Manager, Gino's role is a perfect blend of expertise and enthusiasm. He's mad keen on connecting people with the right gear to make the most of the incredible fishing experiences that the Kimberley region has to offer.

For Gino, it's all about lures. He loves the challenge of targeting any fish using lures. And there's plenty of iconic species to choose from in and around Broome like Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, and offshore Sailfish. The list doesn't end there; Gino's skills extend to Bluebone, Coral Trout, Red Emperor... We could keep going but you get the picture!

With over two decades of angling under his belt, Gino's enthusiasm for fishing shines through in every story he tells. His favourite trips involve good company, and the unmatched feeling of spending a day on the water, even if the fish aren't too keen on a bite.

Got a question for Gino or need gear advice? Head into Tackle World Broome and catch him for a chat today!

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Tackle World Miami

Meet Ashley Ramm

Ashley Ramm is a certified fishing, diving, camping and 4x4 legend with a lifetime of fishing & outdoor knowledge. After running Tackleworld Miami in Mandurah WA since 2015, he's built a store dedicated to sharing local knowledge, and hooking the locals up with the best gear to get the best results. Situated on the doorstep of the Peel Estuary System, Ash is an expert at light tackle topwater sports fishing and loves bringing home a feed of Yellowfin Whiting, Tailor or Salmon.

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Tackle World Adelaide

Jamie's Tackle World Adelaide

Jamie Rymell has been managing Tackle World Adelaide Metro for the past 12 years! He's an outdoor & fishing expert with over 15 years of experience targeting some impressive species along the coast of South Australia. While he's got a wealth of knowledge on all of the local fresh and saltwater species, he's really the guy to talk to if you're chasing the ultimate Southern Bluefin Tuna!

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Tackle World Yeppoon

Meet Gregg

There's a reason his store is called @secretspot_yeppoon! After 15 years of local fishing, and almost 7 years owning the store, Gregg's got a honey hole or two that he's happy to share if it means you're out there having a good time. If you're in Gregg's neck of the woods you'll be looking to get stuck into some Red Emperor, Large Mouth Nannygai, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, and a bit of topwater action on the GTs.

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Tackle World Bundaberg

Brett's Tackle World Bundy

Brett Rayner is an in-store expert at Tackle World Bundaberg. He has over 50 years of fishing experience. With a passion for everything outdoors including topwater and flyfishing, camping, and 4WDing.

Brett's your go-to guy for estuary species such as flathead, grunter, salmon, mangrove jack and barra! And he's also got a ton of knowledge when it comes to fishing inshore waters for trout, sweetlip and mackerel.

Having lived and fished all across Queensland, Brett has a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with his customers. From fishing flathead, snapper, and mackerel on the Gold Coast to living aboard the charter boat Eclipse on the western side of Cape York, he's also explored the Sunshine Coast, Stradbroke Island, and now calls Burnett Heads home.

Ready to explore new gear or get advice for next fishing trip? Visit Tackle World Bundaberg, and Brett Rayner will be able to point you in the right direction!

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Shane's Tackle World Bundy

Shane Anderson (Or Shano) is an in-store expert at Tackle World Bundaberg with 13 years of expertise and over 40 years of local fishing experience! Shano is your go-to guy for everything fishing, crabbing, diving, and boating.

His top 4 favourite fish include Barra, Bass, Flathead, and Grunter, with go-to lures like Samaki Vibes and Squidgy Slick Rigs. Shano's PB Catch is a monster barra measuring at 105cm!

Shoal Water Bay is his favourite fishing destination. Shano excels in helping customers learn both bait and lure fishing, with a passion for targeting mangrove jack and barra in summer, bream, flathead, and salmon in winter, and reef species year-round.

Visit Tackle World Bundaberg for Shano's expert advice on gear, lures, and the best fishing spots!

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Corey's Tackle World Bundy

A specialist in saltwater estuary fishing, he's got the local river systems down pat. If you're looking for tips on chasing Barra, Jacks, Grunter and Flathead just ask for Corey. If he's not at work, you'll probably be able to track him down at Baffle Creek's waterfront camp sites - he'll be camping, fishing, and 4x4ing his weekends away and coming back to "the office" with a few stories and tips that he's happy to share.

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Josh's Tackle World Bundy

Joshua Mortenson, our in-store expert at Tackle World Bundaberg!

Josh is your go-to guide for everything fishing, camping, 4WD, spearfishing, and game fishing. With a wealth of knowledge, he's here to help customers target their desired fish species in the best way possible.

Josh's personal favourites? Mangrove jack, mackerel, tuna, and trout, but he's up for targeting any species that swims!

"I started fishing not long after I could walk and never looked back!"

The warmer months are his favourite, especially when the mighty mangrove jack fires up. He enjoys yak fishing with his trusty companion Lilly, paddling up local creeks in search of the red dogs. Joshua's favourite method for targeting is skip casting plastics under mangroves!

Curious to learn more or seeking expert advice on your next fishing adventure? Swing by Tackle World Bundaberg, and Josh will be thrilled to share his passion and knowledge with you!

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Tackle World Port Lincoln

Alicia Bolitho Tackle World Port Lincoln

Alicia has had a number of years experience in the administration field and her passion for ensuring businesses are run successfully and profitable is her strength. Alicia has also had many years working in customer service areas including training and education of staff to ensure customer service is the number one priority.

Alicia loves to get out on the water when she can with Blue Fin Tuna & Squid being her favourite species to catch. Little Charlie is Shane & Alicia’s son and he is soon becoming a little angler himself with Dad at the helm trying to teach him!

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Shane Hodgens Tackle World Port Lincoln

Shane has been a keen fisherman from a young age where every weekend was fishing the coastlines of South Australia. Shane started to venture into making custom built rods from a young age and has always built his own rods until recently where he started making them for other people.

The passion has continued and his extensive knowledge of saltwater fishing, understanding of all species of fish and experience of fishing on the west coast of South Australia brings Shane and Alicia’s passion of opening a fishing store in Port Lincoln.

Shane’s addictive passion for fishing and local area knowledge of the Eyre Peninsula is second to none and having fished for so many different species over the years gives him the knowledge to share with customers at Tackle World Port Lincoln.

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Jake Mcleod Tackle World Port Lincoln

Jake McLeod is an in-store expert at Tackle World Port Lincoln!

Jake has spent the last four years at Tackle World Port Lincoln and a previous three years at Tackle World Salisbury. As the go-to in-store expert, Jake's role revolves around one core passion – helping people catch fish!

Jake enjoys nearly every facet of fishing around Port Lincoln, from chasing Yellowfin Whiting on the flats to pursuing Tuna out in the wide expanse. When it comes to fishing style, his heart belongs to slow pitch jigging, making him the go-to expert in that area!

Port Lincoln is truly the mecca of fishing in South Australia. From King George Whiting, Squid, Nannygai, and Gummy Sharks to the hard-pulling sports fish like Kingfish, Samson Fish, and Tuna, the local fishery is a treasure trove of possibilities.

His favourite capture? A remarkable 133kg Southern Bluefin Tuna earlier this year, a rare and extraordinary catch... only a few ever landed in Port Lincoln!

If you're seeking advice, gear recommendations, or just a good chat, head to Tackle World Port Lincoln and catch up with Jake. His enthusiasm for the sport is contagious so we won't be surprised if you're there for a while.

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Dan Searle Tackle World Port Lincoln

Dan first started fishing with his Dad as a 5 year old catching salmon at Davenport Creek and whiting in an old tinny; single cylinder seagull outboard that didn’t run properly, around Ceduna. Later moving to Port Lincoln and continued his keenness to fish often pinching a potato from his Mum and going squidding with a pin jag around the Trubridge berth or pinching a couple of pillies off the Tuna Boats to catch tommies and salmon trout; all with a handline.

In his teens he developed a passion for spearfishing, mostly targeting Strongys around Murry’s Point. These days you will find him chasing King George whiting at the Sir Joseph Banks Group or bottom bouncing the reefs south of the passage for Nannygai, Samson and other big reef species.

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Tackle World Tully

Derek's Tackle World Tully

Certified tackle junkie of 30 years, with 9 of those years spent as store manager of Tackle World Tully, Derek's the guy you want to talk to if you're chasing Barra and Jacks in Tully's local creeks, or Fingermark at the inshore islands!

If you haven't got Tully on your fishing bucket list yet, you might want to reconsider. They boast a world class Jungle Perch fishery, fantastic Barra and Jacks in the creeks, Fingermark and Mackerel at the inshore Islands, and of course the usual spoils of the Great Barrier Reef.

"Nothing beats an early start on the water, watching the sun come up, the anticipation of the day ahead chasing Jacks! It's as much about unwinding as it is about that first hit from a good fish - nothing beats it."

Drop in for a chat to Derek at Tackle World Tully, they're open 6 days a week!

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Tackle World Moruya

Nick's Tackle World Moruya

Nick has been store manager of Tackle World Moruya for the past three years - but he's been camping, fishing, and off-roading his way through the south coast of NSW for 40+ years!

When he's not jumping in his yak to chase bass and bream, or beach fishing with his pup, you'll find him fly tying and lure painting to get ready for the next weather window.

Drop into Tackle World Moruya and chat to Nick before your next trip!

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Tackle World Forster

Matthew's Tackle World Forster

Matthew Hagarty is Forster's resident fishing legend and in-store expert! With over 30 years spent casting lines in the Forster fishery, Matthew knows these waters like the back of his hand. From battling monster Snapper and Kingfish offshore to outsmarting trophy Bream in the tranquil Wallis Lake, there's no target he can't tackle.

His personal favourites? Luring big Flathead in the shallows with surface lures is pure adrenaline, and he loves the challenge of deciphering the finicky ways of Bream. But when it comes to sheer fun, Matthew can't resist the fight of a hard-hitting Snapper offshore!

To Matt, the true beauty of Forster's fishery, is the variety. Every season brings a new cast of characters, from the late summer/early autumn feeding frenzy in the estuary to the influx of exotic species like Longtail Tuna and Cobia offshore. And let's not forget the epic Snapper fishing and the rush of chasing late-season Marlin!

Head down to Graham Barclay Marine Tackleworld and take advantage of his free expertise (and maybe even hear about his monster 105cm PB barra!). He's got the tips, the tricks, and the fishing passion to make your next trip unforgettable.

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