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Our Services

Tackle World provides a range of services to fishing enthusiasts across Australia, including reel and rod repairs/service, line spooling, fishing tips, rigging, and expert advice for making in-person purchases.

Expert Advice

As a customer at Tackle World's physical stores, you can expect to receive expert advice from knowledgeable staff with a deep understanding of fishing techniques, gear, and local fishing conditions. Tackle World staff can help you choose the right equipment, provide tips on strategy, and share their insights to enhance your fishing experience.

Rod & Reel Services/Repairs

Tackle World offers comprehensive reel and rod repair services to keep your fishing equipment in top condition. Our experienced technicians can handle a wide range of repairs, including reel cleaning, replacement of damaged parts, and rod tip replacements. Trust Tackle World to help you keep your gear in great shape for your next fishing adventure.

Line Spooling

Tackle World offers a line spooling service to ensure your fishing line is properly loaded onto your reel, reducing the risk of tangling and enhancing your fishing experience. Tackle World staff members can professionally spool your line while providing advice on the best type of line for your fishing needs.