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Fishing Australia - Holiday Fishing in Burnie Tasmania

Fishing Australia - Holiday Fishing in Burnie Tasmania

Fishing Australia - Burnie Tasmania

Welcome to Burnie, a gem for fishing enthusiasts on the north west coast of Tasmania. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a family looking for a fishing holiday, Burnie has something for everyone.

Burnie is just 47 kilometres west of Devonport and a 30-minute drive. It's nearly 150 kilometers from Launceston and a 1.5 hour drive. Hobart is clear across the island and will take you nearly 4 hours by car while Melbourne is pproximately 340 kilometres away. Situated on Tasmania's northwest coast, Burnie is a picturesque town surrounded by natural beauty.

Fishing Burnie

Burnie is a popular spot along the North West Coast of Tasmania for recreational fishing. There are several hot spots in and around the Burnie area for fishing, including the Burnie Boat Ramp, Cooee Point, Doctors Rocks, Wynyard Wharf, Boat Harbour, Sisters Beach, Rocky Cape, Stanley Wharf, East and West Inlet. Burnie also offers fishing opportunities in the saltwater and around dams and reservoirs, such as Lake Kara. Lake Kara is also stocked with Atlantic salmon, so It can get very crowded there at times, so if you plan to attack the lake, make sure you get there early!

Fishing in Burnie

Discover a variety of species including brown and rainbow trout and Atlantic Salmon in the freshwater rivers and lakes. Expect big silver trevally, snapper, bream, flathead and Australian Salmon to turn up in the estuary and beaches. Large calamari can also be found within the bay, mostly around wharf structure and weed beds and any slow sinking squid jig will work for them. From a boat you can target species like barracouta, gurnard, striped trumpeter, tuna, sweep, blue-spotted flathead, King George whiting, snapper and shark.

Burnie Attractions

Tourist Attractions and Activities in Burnie

Burnie is a city in Tasmania, Australia, known for its stunning natural beauty, laid-back atmosphere, and a variety of attractions and activities. Here are the top 10 best things to do in Burnie: * Visit the historic Burnie Park, which is home to the city's oldest colonial building, the Burnie State Conservatory. * Visit the Burnie City Art Gallery. * Take a scenic drive to the stunning Douglas Falls, only a short distance from Burnie. * Visit the City of Burnie Botanic Gardens, which features a wide range of plant life and natural beauty, including water features and traditional gardens. * The Northwest Tasmanian Regional Museum, which provides insights into Tasmania's history and culture. * Enjoy the outdoors activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping available in the region. * Little Penguin Observation Centre. September through March, you can watch the world's smallest penguins swim back to shore in formations called rafts. These tiny blue penguins make beachside homes and you can watch silently from a nearby boardwalk. * The town also has one of Tasmania's finest distilleries. The Hellyers Road Distillery is Australia's largest boutique whisky distillery which draws thousands of spirit lovers from all over the world. * Maker's Workshop. Burnie has reinvented itself as a maker's enclave. You can watch makers ply their craft or choose to get hands-on. Learn how to paint, draw, sculpt, make paper, create textiles, blow glass and more.

Burnie Wilderness

Restaurants in Burnie

Burnie has many cafes and restaurants including Indian, Thai, Chinese and Modern Australian.

Here is a list complied by the Australian Good Food Guide

Accommodation in Burnie

Burnie is a well-developed town with plenty of accommodations throughout. You'll find a wide range of options in and just out of town. Types: From cozy B&Bs to family-friendly hotels. Camping: Explore camping options near the coast for a unique experience.


Visitors to Burnie are advised to monitor UV index forecasts and take necessary sun protection measures. Rainfall is consistent throughout the year with 10-17 days per month (with the wettest months from April-September), snowfall is rare.

Summer: Average minimum 12°C, maximum 21°C . Winter: Average minimum 5°C, maximum 14°C.

Tackle World Burnie crew

Tackle World Burnie

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We have a wide range of not only fishing equipment but hiking, boating and all outdoor activity requirements.

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Location: 37 Wilson St, Burnie, TAS 7320

Contact: 03 6431 6500

Pack your gear and head to Burnie for an unforgettable fishing adventure. From family-friendly activities to the best spots for angling, Burnie has it all. Make this holiday your ultimate fishing escape in Australia.