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Fishing Australia - Holiday Fishing in Merimbula, NSW

Fishing Australia - Holiday Fishing in Merimbula, NSW

Fishing Australia - Holiday Fishing in Merimbula, NSW

Holiday fishing in Merimbula - estuary, rocks ,beach and offshore.

Welcome to Merimbula

Merimbula, nestled on the New South Wales far south coast, beckons anglers with its stunning landscapes and abundant marine life. In this guide, we'll explore the captivating world of holiday fishing in Merimbula, offering insights into the town's attractions and the perfect spots for an unforgettable family holiday and fishing experience. Merimbula, is situated approximately halfway between Sydney and Melbourne and 245km from Canberra, making it a true holiday destination away from the big smoke. Its picturesque landscapes make for relaxing family holidays and the pristine clear waters make it a haven for both seasoned and novice anglers.

Merimbula NSW - the perfect spot for that family holiday.

Fishing in Merimbula

Spring and autumn offer great fishing, with a variety of species active in the region's waters, though year round there are plenty of options.

  • Estuary Fishing
    The sheltered waters of Merimbula Lake offer an abundance of scenarios and opportunities to the small boat angler. Sand banks, oyster leases and deep channels are frequented by the usual suspect like big bream, sand whiting, crocodile sized flathead and speedsters like Australian salmon and silver trevally.

Happy angler with a Merimbula mulloway.

  • Offshore
    Those with bigger boats can head offshore to tangle with snapper, morning, bonito, bluefin and yellowfin tuna, kingfish and striped marlin. It is worth noting that Tackle World Merimbula offers a custom game fish lure rigging service. Rigged to GFAA and ANSA standards and guidelines with premium leaders, crimps, wire and skirts.

A stunning Yellow-fin tuna fishing from Merimbula NSW

  • Rock Fishing
    With 3 major rocky headlands to choose from in the immediate area, you can almost always find a spot with favourable conditions. Bream, silver drummer and blackfish are popular targets. Before any rock fishing, we encourage you to think safety first. [Article]

Merimbula has a long beach from which you can catch Australian salmon

  • Beach fishing
    The main beach of Merimbula offers 6 kilometres of white sand that stretches south to nearby Pambula township. Tailor, whiting, Australian salmon and bream all frequent the gutters along the beach.


Tourist Attractions

For families and children, Merimbula offers an array of attractions. Explore the magic of Merimbula Aquarium, take a boat tour to Montague Island, or indulge in outdoor activities at the Magic Mountain Family Fun Park. Take a family stroll along the Merimbula Boardwalk which hugs the shoreline along Merimbula Lake. You will see different things depending upon when you walk and what the tide is doing. Crabs, fish and varied bird life abound. A level walk and 1.7km long, so suitable for all. Wheelchair accessible but might be a bit bumpy. A small kiosk at the end end which serves coffee, ice creams etc. Worthy of more than one visit to get different perspectives



Satisfy your taste buds at local culinary delights. Some notable restaurants include Waterfront Café, Dulcie's Cottage burgers, and Wheelers Seafood Restaurant, offering a diverse range of fresh seafood and regional specialties.
Australian Good Food Guide Merimbula


Whether you prefer a cozy beachfront cabin or a camping adventure, Merimbula has it all. Accommodation options range from family-friendly resorts to picturesque campsites, providing a perfect stay for every type of traveler. If you love camping the NRMA Holiday Resort situated between Short Point and Long Point with access to Middle Beach is the perfect spot for you.


Merimbula experiences a temperate climate, with summer temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius. These mild conditions make it an ideal destination year-round.

Merimbula flathead are available to anglers from the shore as well as in a boat.

Tackle World Merimbula - Your Fishing Companion

For all your fishing needs, Tackle World Merimbula is the go-to destination. Located at 45 Market St, this premier tackle shop offers a comprehensive range of fishing gear, expert advice, and local insights to ensure your fishing expedition is a success. As all their staff are passionate fishermen, they have over 60 years of experience and knowledge in all areas of fishing and like nothing more than to help you and give you their own touch of personal attention.

45 Market Street, Merimbula, NSW, 2548
Phone:02 6495 1681

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Merimbula, with its inviting charm and vibrant marine life, promises an unforgettable fishing holiday experience. From family-friendly attractions to the thrill of angling adventures, this coastal town is a must-visit destination for fishing enthusiasts. Pack your gear, embrace the sea breeze, and embark on a fishing journey like no other in Merimbula, NSW.

Holiday fishing in Merimbula NSW - a land-based kingfish