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Mastering Beach Fishing in Mandurah: Tips, Spots, and Gear Essentials

Mastering Beach Fishing in Mandurah: Tips, Spots, and Gear Essentials

Beach Fishing Guide - WA Style!

Unlike boat fishing, beach fishing is easily accessible, and no matter your skill level, is an ideal way to wet a line during WA demersal fishing bans. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s always a spot for you along our stunning shorelines.


Top locations in Mandurah:

Heading North - Species: Tailor, Mulloway, Pink snapper, Herring and Whiting

  • San Remo

  • Silver Sands

Heading South - Species: Tailor, Mulloway, Herring and Pink Snapper

  • Tims Thicket (4WD access)

  • White Hills (4WD access, Drone Fishing)

  • Preston (Drone Fishing)


Fishing species, like many others, frequently vary their behaviour in response to seasonal changes and lunar cycles. The following table can assist you in pinpointing the species that are more active during specific times.


Where to Cast Your Line on the Beach

When it comes to beach fishing, one question often asked is, “Where’s the best spot to cast?” The top and most critical advice is this: get yourself some elevation and spot the deeper water gutters from the lighter coloured sand banks and make sure you lock onto those exit points where predatory fish can enter and exit the gutter. They are prime fishing areas. That’s your cue to cast your lines and deploy your burleys. They’ll guide you to the sweet spots and tight lines!

Increase Your Chances With Some Burley!

Burley is a powerful fish attractant typically made of a mixture of fish parts and natural ingredients and is a crucial tool in beach fishing. To maximize your catch, use a two-pronged approach: start by throwing out burley cubes to create a scent trail that draws in fish. But don’t forget the burley bag! Stab it into the sand with a tent peg and keep it positioned high. As the waves roll in, the bag will bob, ensuring a steady release of scent to lure and keep the fish coming your way. It’s a winning combination for beach anglers, bringing the fish right to your fishing spot.

Must Have Gear for Beach Fishing:

1) Reel – Daiwa Saltist MQ 5000D

The magsealed body is a high-end inclusion that keeps salt, dust, and other elements from getting into your reel. The new Daiwa Saltist MQ Reel also features a carbon ATD drag system, which is Daiwa’s most impressive drag system to date. With a max drag of 10-20kg (Depending on which model you purchase), the Saltist MQ reel can handle just about any fish imaginable.

The Daiwa Saltist MQ reel is available in various sizes for sale. From a small 2500 size for some inshore fishing fun to an impressive 20,000 size for all you anglers who chase species like tuna, kingfish, or trevally, which often command the need for a fishing reel that can hold a lot of line.


2) Live Bait Hooks – Shinto Pro Dressed Gangs

Shinto Pro dressed gangs come in various sizes ranging from 5/0 to 11/0 (5/0 as seen in video). They incorporate a swivel between each hook, ensuring durability and preventing hook bends. These gangs are renowned for their toughness, capable of withstanding multiple fish encounters. What sets them apart are the small yet significant details, like their little flasher, which can make that crucial 1% difference in your fishing success.

3) Bait Release Clips

If you haven’t tried a bait release clip yet, you’re missing out on smoother casts and fewer tangles. When your sinker hits the water, dressed gangs remain securely in place, resulting in longer, more accurate casts. Say goodbye to the frustrating “helicopter effect,” and ensure your bait or lure doesn’t take flight prematurely. Bait release clips are the angler’s secret for precision and control during beach fishing.

4) PVC or Metal Rod Holder To safeguard your equipment, we strongly recommend investing in a PVC or metal rod holder. Not only does it provide a convenient spot to rest your fishing rod, but it also offers elevation when required, ensuring that your rod and reel remain free from sand and salt, thus preserving your valuable investment.


Catch and Release Practices:

If you find yourself catching smaller or unwanted species, it’s best practice to unhook them close to the water’s edge, and gently place them back into the sea. Additionally, when releasing fish try to avoid shallow waters to minimize sand entering its gills. This will ensure increased rates of survival in the wild!

If you haven’t tried beach fishing yet, you’re missing out on a world of excitement and relaxation all rolled into one. Grab your gear, head to the shore, and discover why beach fishing is the coolest way to connect with nature and reel in some unforgettable memories.

Want more advice? Drop in store at Tackle World Miami and we’d be happy to give you our expert tips and gear recommendations.

Tips in this article will work Australia wide.

Article & videos by Ash Ramm & Tackle World Miami.