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Introducing the Jackson Namazemi Fishing Lure

Life-like Design:

Revolutionise your angling experience with the Jackson Namazemi, a game-changing lure meticulously crafted by the renowned Jackson Lures in Japan. This lure isn't just a tool; it's a work of art, designed to replicate the lifelike features of a cicada and lure fish in with unparalleled precision. The Namazemi stands out for its lifelike design, leaving seasoned anglers and novices alike in awe. From the meticulous recreation of a cicada's shape and size to the vibrant colouration and detailed wings, every aspect screams realism, perfectly mirroring the authentic insect. Underneath, a sharp treble hook awaits, ensuring a solid hook-set when the fish strikes.


Unique Features:

The Namazemi isn't just about looks; it boasts innovative features that contribute to its success on the water. During retrieval, the soft rubber wings gracefully open, creating a realistic motion that fish find irresistible. The lifelike rubber legs hanging beneath add to the allure, making this lure a standout choice for the discerning angler.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Namazemi, anglers should adopt a retrieval technique that differs from traditional surface lures. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of this lifelike masterpiece:


1. Cast Into the Strike Zone: Start by casting the Namazemi into the strike zone, targeting areas where fish are likely to be lurking. Precision is key, so aim for accuracy in your casting.

2. Pause and Prepare: Allow the lure to sit in the strike zone for a couple of seconds. This brief pause imitates the natural behaviour of a cicada in water, enticing curious fish to investigate.

3. Straight Pull Technique: Initiate the retrieval with a straight pull, activating the soft rubber wings to open up. This sudden movement mimics the fluttering of a cicada taking flight, adding an extra layer of realism.

4. Shake the Rod Tip: The magic happens when you start shaking the rod tip. This action sets the lure into a vibrating motion on the water's surface, creating ripples and attracting fish with its lifelike movements. One of the key advantages of the Namazemi is its ability to be held in the strike zone for an extended period. By shaking the rod tip, you can keep the lure in the perfect position, increasing the chances of a thrilling surface explosion from the fish below.


For anglers seeking an innovative and effective topwater lure, the Jackson Namazemi is a must-try. Its lifelike design and unique retrieval technique set it apart, promising an exciting and successful fishing experience. So, gear up, cast out, and let the life-like allure of the Namazemi entice the trophy fish lurking beneath the surface.