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Catching Redfin in Goulburn NSW

Catching Redfin in Goulburn NSW

The Ultimate Guide to Catching Redfin in Goulburn, NSW

by Josh Lambert

Welcome to Goulburn, NSW, a premier destination for anglers aiming to catch the feisty redfin perch. This guide is designed to share advanced insights and strategies to enhance your fishing adventures.

Redfin Perch

The Redfin perch, also known as English perch, is an introduced species that has become a sought-after catch for many inland anglers. Native to temperate areas of Europe and introduced to Australia by fish acclimatisation societies via Tasmania (1862) and Victoria (1868), the redfin are a popular angling species, with good flesh. With their aggressive behaviour and schooling nature, redfin offer exciting fishing opportunities.

Redfin occur in a wide variety of habitats, including lakes, dams, billabongs, swamps and the slower-flowing reaches of rivers and streams. They prefer areas with abundant weed, vegetation or other cover such as rocks and fallen timber. They don't habitat fast waters and is usually absent from high altitude areas. They have impacted on native fish stocks by competition, and smaller native fish species through predation.

A beautifully coloured small but aggressive Redfin perch that will eagerly eat your offering.

Redfin breed readily in still waters and tend to over-populate smaller bodies of water resulting in large populations of stunted fish. They are carnivorous, taking a wide range of aquatic foods but the larger fish prefer yabbies and other fish. Baits are best presented on a running sinker or paternoster rig as the fish generally prefer living and feeding near the bottom of the waterway.

Reported to reach over 50 cm in length and 5kg in weight in Australia, most fish are smaller, rarely exceeding 2.5 kg. Redfin are usually 2-3 years old before reaching sexual maturity, but some individuals have been found to be reproductively mature at 12 months of age and 20 cm in length. A female fish can produce up to 200,000 eggs.

Redfin Perch Hot Spots

Goulburn's Wollondilly River & Mulwarree ponds are perfect for this species, providing anglers with numerous spots to try their luck.

Other prime Redfin Perch Fishing Spots include:

  • Burrinjuck Dam

  • Murrumbidgee River

  • Blowering Dam

Gear and Techniques for Redfin Fishing

Rod and Reel Setup

Opt for a light spin outfit, combining a 2-3kg or 2-4kg rod with a 2000, or 2500 reel. Spool with 4-8 lb braid and a corresponding fluorocarbon leader for the best experience.

Redfin Perch are a good eating fish with firm white flesh when cooked.

Lures and Baits For Redfin Perch

English perch (Redfin’s real name) are a true champion when it comes to the lure game. Redfin perch can be targeted all year round on large variety of artificial presentations.

A go-to presentation for hunting bigger Redfin are deep diving lures 40-60cm. A slow wind will bring best results swimming it along the weed edges will entice that big perch to strike. The vibrations wobble it creates in the water column attracts fish form far and wide. Redfin are aggressive!

A prize large Redfin Perch that has eaten a lure.

Hunting the big ones can be challenging at times, however mixing things up until you crack the code is the way to go. Good fish can be caught at all times of the day, however I early morning, afternoon and on overcast days is when the big ones come out to hunt. The best part for every one big fish theres a dozen small one to keep you entertained.

Redfin react positively to smaller lures and baits. Soft plastics, especially curl tails, minnow imitations, and paddle tails in both natural and bright colours, rigged on jig heads ranging from 1/8 to 1/20th, are recommended. For lake fishing, employ smaller bibbed crankbaits, deep divers, lipless crankbaits, and soft plastics in depths of 4 to 12 meters.

Redfin react positively to smaller lures and baits. Soft plastics and diving minnow imitations

Lake Fishing for Redfin Perch

Look for underwater structures, which are key habitats. Employing a sounder can greatly improve your success rate, revealing Redfin hotspots around submerged features.


Although less common, trolling for Redfin can be remarkably effective. Use smaller lures and vary your approach to find what works best, focusing on areas with less or vertically standing timber to avoid snags.

Boat-Based Lure Casting

Vertical jigging is the best approach when positioned above a school of redfin. This method requires a good sounder on your boat with frequent relocation to maintain contact with moving schools.

Best lure for the job are Nils Master Ice Jigs or another brand of similar style. Hester, Goby & Jackson Vibes will also work well.

Best technique for these lures is to drop through the school and a gentle lift using just your wrist movement this can lift the lures up to 2m depending rod length and will bring quick results.

Bait Fishing for Redfin Perch

The most traditional method, utilising earthworms, small yabbies, freshwater shrimp and small strips of fish. Rigs that minimise snagging, such as running sinkers or paternoster rigs, are ideal.

A large Redfin perch that has eaten a lure fished on the bottom of the riverbed

Shore-Based Fishing for Redfin Perch

For those who prefer the shoreline, employing a spin rod to cast and move can be amazingly effective. Use lures suitable for long casts into deeper waters, aiming to interact with the bottom terrain, getting your offering down to where they live and feed.

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Tips for Successful Redfin Perch Fishing

  • Timing: Fish during early mornings and late afternoons for peak activity.

  • Seasonality: Spring to autumn are the best seasons, though redfin can be caught year-round.

  • Mobility: Don't hesitate to change spots or techniques if current ones aren't yielding results.

  • Stealth and Patience: Approach spots quietly and be patient for the best outcomes.

Conservation and Ethical Practices

NSW DPI does not currently prohibit anglers from returning live Redfin to the water directly where they are caught, but they strongly urge anglers to utilise Redfin as food or dispose of them humanely to reduce the potential impact from this species on native fish populations. they are one of the best tasting freshwater fish that you can eat. Most locals call them an inland whiting because of their buttery white fillets that taste about as good as a fish can. Apart from looking and tasting amazing, English perch are a true champion when it comes to the lure game. Redfin perch can be targeted all year round on large variety of artificial presentations.

Redfin Perch fishing in Goulburn, NSW, offers a mix of challenge and reward. Armed with the right knowledge of spots, gear, and techniques provided in this guide, anglers are well-equipped to enjoy successful fishing outings. Whether seeking the thrill of the catch, the serenity of nature, or simply a tasty meal, Goulburn's waters await.

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