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Land-Based Flathead Fishing: Expert Tips from Brett Wilson

Land-Based Flathead Fishing

Land-based flathead fishing offers an exciting alternative to boat fishing, and with the right techniques, you can reel in flatheads with ease. In this video, we'll delve into the valuable tips and tricks shared by Brett Wilson on land-based flathead fishing.


Soft Plastic Fishing:

Brett emphasises that land-based flathead fishing can be easily accomplished with soft plastics. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, using soft plastics adds versatility to your approach. Brett highlights the simplicity of this method, making it an accessible option for all fishing enthusiasts.


Understanding the importance of casting with the current is crucial in land-based flathead fishing. Brett recommends casting up current and allowing the lure to sink, then bringing it back down with the current. This technique ensures that the jig head hit the bottom, increasing your chances of encountering a flathead. You are less likely to scare the fish as it will be facing into the current and see the lure coming rather than being startled if the lure approaches from behind.

Landing and Handling Flatheads:

Flatheads are known for their ability to spit out hooks, especially with their large, hard mouths. To counter this, Brett advises anglers to keep their rod tip down, keeping the flathead's head submerged during the landing process. This minimises the risk of dislodging the hook, ensuring a successful catch. Additionally, the importance of handling flatheads with care is stressed, especially regarding the sharp spines and barbs on either side of the head near the gill covers. Wet your hands when handling fish and proper support are key considerations for the fish's well-being and ensures you don't get spiked.


Advantages of Soft Plastics:

Brett highlights the advantages of using soft plastics, noting that they often hook flatheads in the corner or roof of the mouth. This not only increases the chances of a successful catch but also proves to be a fish-friendly approach. Brett contrasts this with bait fishing, where gut-hooking is more common. This is a problem when hooking smaller fish for release.

Mastering land-based flathead fishing involves a combination of casting techniques, the right type of retrieve, and a good rod work to land the fish. By incorporating the valuable tips and tricks from Brett Wilson, anglers can elevate their land-based fishing experience, enjoying the thrill of reeling in flathead while promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices.


Article and video by Brett Wilson.