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Mastering Barramundi Fishing with Shane Compain

Berkley's Shimma Pro Rig: A Barramundi Odyssey with Shane Compain

In the angling realm of Darwin, Northern Territory, a seasoned fisherman named Shane Compain has emerged as a dedicated pursuer of barramundi. In this testimonial adventure, Shane shares his experiences with the Berkley Shimma Pro Rig, a revolutionary lure that has become a game-changer in his pursuit of these formidable fish.


Discovering the Passion:

Having spent his entire life in Darwin, Shane's passion for barramundi fishing has evolved from a casual interest to an all-encompassing mission. Since the age of 15, he has been honing his skills, targeting the larger, more challenging meter-plus barramundi that test both gear and angler mettle.

Emphasising Durability and Strength:

Shane underscores the relentless strength and aggression of barramundi, stressing the importance of a lure that can withstand their powerful jaw structures. Commending the Berkley Shimma Pro Rig, he points out the durability and strength it brings to the table, specifically lauding the effectiveness of Owner hooks for their stickiness and reliable hook sets.


Designing a Barramundi-Specific Lure:

Imagine being approached by a prominent brand like Berkley to contribute to the design of a soft plastic tailored for barramundi. Shane expresses his delight in this collaborative effort, where his insights on super-strong hooks, plastic durability, and vibrant colours come to life in the creation of the Shimma Pro Rig.


Tail Action, Vibration, and Water Clarity:

Delving into the technicalities, Shane discusses the crucial elements of a successful lure – the tail action and vibration. He elaborates on how the Shimma Pro Rig's well-balanced tail action mimics natural prey, and its subtle vibration becomes an irresistible symphony for barramundi. The inclusion of vibrant colors addresses the challenging water clarity conditions in the Northern Territory, ensuring maximum visibility and attraction.

Versatility in Size and Profile:

Exploring the versatility of the Shimma Pro Rig, Shane discusses its effectiveness in targeting larger barramundi suspended in the water column. The lure's availability in different sizes allows for seamless adaptation to various fishing scenarios, with Shane stressing the importance of matching the hatch for different fish sizes and profiles.


A Northern Territory Testimonial:

Shane shifts to sharing recent experiences, recounting the successful use of the Shimma Pro Rig to target larger barramundi suspended in the water column, ranging from two to fifteen feet. The lure's adaptability and performance have exceeded expectations, making it a preferred choice among Northern Territory anglers.

Final Verdict: A Versatile Allure for Australia:

In his closing thoughts, Shane projects the Shimma Pro Rig's potential beyond the Northern Territory, envisioning it as a versatile lure for anglers across Australia. Whether in blue water, chasing flathead, or empowering barramundi pursuits, the Shimma Pro Rig emerges as a promising companion for fishing enthusiasts nationwide.



As we conclude this testimonial journey with Shane Compain, the allure of the Berkley Shimma Pro Rig becomes undeniable. It's more than a lure; it's a bridge connecting anglers to the passion and success that define barramundi fishing. The next time anglers cast their lines, they are encouraged to consider the irresistible charm of the Shimma Pro Rig – a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the unwavering spirit of barramundi angling.