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Mastering King George Whiting with Soft Plastics

Mastering King George Whiting with Soft Plastics

KG Whiting on Soft Plastics

by Shane Hodgens

Fishing Port Lincoln: Targeting King George Whiting

Port Lincoln, renowned as a premier fishing destination, offers anglers the unique opportunity to target the esteemed King George whiting. This prized species, sought after for its delicate flavour and fine, white flesh, is a staple for fishing enthusiasts venturing into these waters. King George whiting, identifiable by its slender body and silver-grey coloration with delicate, brown spots, thrives in the sandy bottoms and seagrass beds surrounding Port Lincoln. As you embark on your fishing adventure in Port Lincoln, targeting King George Whiting not only promises a rewarding catch but also an unforgettable experience amidst some of the most picturesque fishing grounds.

Fishing for King George Whiting is a pastime many anglers relish, yet the venture into using soft plastics over traditional bait can seem daunting. Shane Hodgens, Port Lincoln Tackle World store owner and fishing enthusiast, shares a comprehensive guide on turning this challenge into a rewarding fishing method.

Soft plastics for King George whiting

The Journey from Bait to Plastics

Initially sceptical about the effectiveness of soft plastics for King George whiting, Shane has found that perseverance and adapting to innovative fishing methods has paid off. With the evolution of fishing tackle and techniques, exploring soft plastics became a viable option for targeting King George whiting.

To successfully fish for King George whiting with soft plastics, a deep understanding of their habitat and diet is crucial. These fish predominantly inhabit sandy areas with weed cover or sandy patches within rocky areas, providing them the perfect ambush spots. Their diet is vast, ranging from worms to small fish, indicating their bottom-feeding nature. Knowledge of their habitat and dietary preferences is fundamental in selecting the right soft plastics.

Selecting the Right Soft Plastics for King George Whiting

Choosing the appropriate lure is pivotal. The goal is to "match the hatch" by selecting soft plastics that closely resemble the natural prey of the whiting thereby greatly increasing your chances of success.

Popular choices include:

  • Gulp Worms, particularly the 2-inch Bloodworm and Sandworm varieties, have proven to be highly effective. Their sizes and colours mimic the natural prey of King George Whiting, making them irresistible.

Gulp Worms for King George Whiting

  • Grubs and craw-like soft plastics also yield impressive results, with the Jackson Chino Koro Claw and Z-Man Crawls standing out. These lures mimic the movement and appearance of shrimp and yabbies, enticing Whiting to strike. The unique action of these soft plastics, especially when paired with brightly coloured jig heads, significantly increases catch rates.


Technique and Gear for King George Whiting

The technique for fishing with soft plastics is as important as the lure selection. Casting far and ensuring that the lure stays close to the bottom maximises your chances of attracting King George whiting. The fish are expecting worms and shell fish to be on the bottom, not swimming mid water. Slow retrieves with intermittent twitches mimic the natural movement of prey, making the lure more appealing.

Pro-Cure Scent

Incorporating burley and scent gels to your plastics will also increase your success rates. These attractants make soft plastics even more irresistible to whiting, drawing them in from a distance. Products like Gulp Gel and Pro-Cure gels have been particularly effective in enhancing the appeal of soft plastics.

King George whiting eating soft plastics

Tackle for catching King George Whiting

The choice of correct rod helps enormously and should not be overlooked. A light, sensitive rod allows for better detection of bites, with 7-foot, 2-4kg nibble tip rods being ideal. Investing in a quality rod over a reel is advisable.

Spool your 2000 to 3000 size reel up with 6-10lb braid and a 10-16lb fluorocarbon leader. This is the recommended strengths for optimal performance. Quality braid and leader material enhance the fishing experience by providing better sensitivity and strength as well as disguising the the plastic as a natural bait.

King George whiting caught on soft plastics

Embracing the Soft Plastic Challenge for King George Whiting

Fishing for King George Whiting with soft plastics offers a unique challenge that, when mastered, can be highly rewarding. Shane Hodgens encourages anglers to explore this method, offering advice and tailored selections at his Port Lincoln store to help enthusiasts succeed.

For those ready to embark on this exciting fishing journey, Shane's insights and recommendations provide a solid foundation for success. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the game, the thrill of catching King George Whiting on soft plastics is an experience worth pursuing. If you are fishing Port Lincoln, you must stop in and have a chat with Shane, and Alicia and the team – your Local Independent Fishing Experts.


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