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Pro Tips for Prolonging Your Fishing Gear's Life: Insights from Ash at Tackle World Miami

Fishing is not just a hobby; it's a passion that often comes with a considerable investment in quality gear. Whether you've just returned from a successful day on the water or wrapped up a fishing adventure, taking care of your equipment is crucial for its longevity. In this article, we'll delve into some expert tips on washing fishing gear, drawing insights from a video presented by Ash at Miami Tackle World.

The Importance of Freshwater Rinsing:

Ash emphasizes the significance of immediately rinsing your fishing gear with fresh water as soon as you get home. This simple yet effective practice can go a long way in preserving your equipment and preventing potential maintenance issues down the line. A quick hose down can address up to 80% of the concerns you might encounter in the future.


Thorough Attention to Detail:

According to Ash, a successful gear rinse involves paying meticulous attention to every component. Start from the top of your fishing rod, working your way down through the guides. Take a moment to inspect and rinse lures and hooks, ensuring both sides are covered. This comprehensive approach guarantees that every nook and cranny of your gear is free from salt and debris.

Preserve the Reel:

When it comes to the reel, Ash recommends keeping the drag pressure on during the rinsing process. This precautionary measure prevents salts from infiltrating beneath the drag washes. Pay special attention to the reel seat, as salts tend to accumulate in this area. By following Ash's advice, you can safeguard your reel and maintain its optimal performance.

To ensure a thorough cleaning process, extend your attention to the line rollers. Ash suggests rinsing the line from the reel and covering all areas, from guides to rollers. The goal is to wash away any salts that may have accumulated, whether they are dry or still in a wet form.


Ash's tips aren't just about preserving your gear but also about saving you money in the long run. A simple garden hose is the tool of choice, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of this maintenance routine. By investing a little time and effort in rinsing your gear, you contribute to its longevity without breaking the bank. In the world of fishing, taking care of your gear is as essential as choosing the right bait.