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SURPPA Lure Cases: No More Tangles and Snags!

Dread digging through your tackle box, untangling a mess of lures just to find the one you need? Introducing SURPPA lure cases, the solution for tangle-free lure storage! Exclusive to Tackle World, SURPPA cases keep your lures organised and protected, saving you precious fishing time.

What Makes The SURPPA Lure Cases Great:

  • Lure Storage Made Simple:
  • SURPPA cases eliminate tangled messes, allowing you to store and access your lures with ease. No more wasting time sorting through a cluttered tackle box.

  • Pocket-Sized:
  • Want to pack light? The compact design lets you easily carry a few lures in your pocket, perfect for quick fishing trips.

  • Protect Your Lures:
  • SURPPA cases safeguard your lures from scratches and paint damage caused by banging around in your tackle bag.

  • Quick and Easy Access:
  • The user-friendly design allows for effortless lure insertion and removal, so you can quickly grab the perfect bait for the conditions.


    Available in a variety of sizes (SSS, SS, S, M & L), SURPPA cases can accommodate all your favourite lures, from large saltwater baits like stickbaits and jigs to freshwater favourites like bass and bream lures.

    We've also have the SURPPA Plus Jig Cases with a convenient closed bottom to avoid slippages with your heavy jigs.


    Starting from just RRP $14.95, SURPPA Lure cases are an affordable investment that will transform your fishing experience. Stop wasting time untangling lures and focus on what truly matters - catching fish!

    Head down to one of our local stores today and ask about the Tackle World Exclusive SURPPA Lure Cases!