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The Power of Wolf Herring: Rigging Tips from Roly Newton I Tackle World Tully

In the dynamic world of sport fishing, mastering the art of bait rigging is often the key to success. In this article, we'll explore the insightful tips provided by experienced angler Roly Newton, who, with a nod to Paul Worsteling, unveils the secrets behind rigging wolf herring for the mighty Spanish mackerel.

The Importance of Location:

Newton and Worsteling both stress the significance of choosing the right location. In their video, the pair find themselves in the picturesque Hinchinbrook area of Queensland, a renowned fishing destination and Spanish mackerel hot spot.


Understanding the Target Species:

Spanish mackerel, known for their power and elusiveness, are the coveted species. Newton recommends using wolf herring, a tempting proposition for Spanish mackerel. The other advantage of wolf herring is the size of the bait. Spanish mackerel have supremely sharp teeth and like to cut their food in half on the first strike. Knowing this Rory uses a very long set of ganged of hooks, so when the mackerel strikes its teeth are well away from the line and so avoids been bitten off. An alternative would be to add a trace of wire, but Roly prefers the more natural look of the bait without wire. According to Roly, the hookup rate is much better.

The hooks, a gang of six VMC, lauded for their razor-sharp quality, are chosen for their effectiveness, while the chin guard sinker adds to the overall swimming action and appeal of the bait.

Hook Placement:

Roly emphasises the necessity of precision in hook placement. By keeping the hooks low, the weight stays on the underside, and interference with the bait's natural movement is minimised. Pinching and squeezing the bait along its backbone releases the rigidity of the dead bait helping it to swim. This meticulous approach is crucial for success.

Putting It to the Test:

Paul Worsteling, a respected angler, puts these principles to the test. In the video, the duo successfully demonstrates their rigging technique, culminating in a substantial Spanish being landed, a true testament to the effectiveness of their approach.


Newton and Worsteling encourage fellow anglers to incorporate these tried-and-true techniques into their arsenal. With the right knowledge and approach, fishing in areas like Hinchinbrook can yield remarkable results, as demonstrated in their successful expedition.


Rigging wolf herring for Spanish mackerel is an art that requires skill, knowledge, and precision. By incorporating the insights from Roly, anglers can elevate their game and increase their chances of a triumphant Spanish mackerel session. So, next time you're gearing up for a thrilling fishing adventure, remember the invaluable advice from these seasoned anglers to maximise your success on the open water.