Assist Hooks In Situ

Assist Hooks on Hard Bodies

Assist Hooks on Hard Bodies - Rock, Beach & Offshore Fishing by Fergo's Tackle World - Taren Point & Wollongong When fishing off the rocks and beach, assist hooks have been working extremely well for us  for a variety of species.  We…
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Boat Traffic Blues

CELEBRATING AUSTRALIA DAYNoosa River over the Australia Day long weekend almost had as much boat traffic as Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve.The old adage that you won’t catch a fish with that much chaos was busted by Farrell Smith.…
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The Art of Observation

It seems to me that all the consistent anglers - those that regularly catch fish - have one major thing in common. They are observant and swiftly take action on conclusions they have made from what they have seen.I was out fishing with a…

Learn something every time

Use every new experience… and catch more fish! Fishing freshwater in New Zealand, completely changed the way I fish for the better!Although a Queenslander, I’ve spent a lot of time fishing salt and fresh at home and in southern NSW.…

How a well bent piece of wire helps me catch more fish

A well bent piece of wire helps me catch more fish per session than ever before.Every time I fish what I believe to be a very fishy spot - structure, current, shade, overhangs etc. - I cast up to 4 different styles of lures. I am not an…